VISIONStage 1.  You present your ideas for the new design. Include shape and structure of rooms, family requirements, kitchen and bathroom style, owner occupied or rental
AMBIENCEStage 2.  Your vision for living in your property in the next 10 years includes the atmosphere you want to create. Your lifestyle, habits and idiosynchracies will be incorporated into a challenging discussion to encourage you to think outside the square box into the future.
BUDGETStage 3.  You present your budget with increased investment value for the property. Design and building costs will be considered to ensure a viable project.
SUSTAINABILITYStage 4.  Your ecological footprint is explored according to your selection of technology, building materials, equipment, finishes and building procedures. We encourage you to implement sustainable living choices with greywater, solar panels, cross ventilation, insulation.
INTERIOR COLOURS & FINISHESStage 5.  The blueprint emerging from Stages 1- 4 will be presented . You will check that all your needs have been honoured and incorporated in the design and return with amendments. Conflicting views between partners about style, equipment and layout are resolved. A team design solution is finalised that balances client needs and local council building requirements.
INTERIOR ARCHITECTUREStage 6.  The collaborative design will be reviewed and amended until all conflicting views are resolved.
COMPLETE WORKING  DRAWINGSStage 7.  The Interior architecture is translated into working drawings for Town Planning and Building Permit approval by local councils for as well as engineering, lighting and surveying purposes. Upon local council approval the building can now begin.

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